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Saturday, September 25, 2021

5:00 PM to 6:15 PM

Solo In Isolation #38

Website: youtu.be/DeXWMqxXr9s

Solo In Isolation 38 Poster

The previously posted link in past newsletters and on this site is not right- please use https://youtu.be/DeXWMqxXr9s or join on facebook/jimsbigego/

This is my 38th Solo In Isolation Show.

The archive of these shows will now be at PATREON for patrons only. You can become a patron for as little as $1/mo. I have different levels for different offerings. $1/mo gets you the archives and more. patreon.com/jiminfantino

You can buy my novels directly from me: wakefulwanderer.com Please remember to RATE it or even maybe write a REVIEW on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, or Kobo if you read it.

Ratings & reviews are extremely important to indie writers like myself.

I DO ACCEPT TIPS: You can buy me one or more coffees at: ko-fi.com/jiminfantino - NOTE: I no longer accept Venmo. They are promoting crypto currency and it wrecks our environment. Read more here: nytimes.com/2021/03/09/business/dealbook/bill-gates-bitcoin.html

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