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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

8:00 PM


Boston Gigs

Lizard Lounge Residency - Cambridge, MA w/ Shiffai

Lizard Lounge

1667 Mass Ave Cambridge


Lizard Lounge Residency!
JBE plays every Tuesday in August
Special guest: Senegalese Rap Star - SHIFFAI (feat. Nomadic)

Here's more about Shiffai:

Hailing from Africa's hip-hop capital, Dakar Senegal, Shiffai began rapping on the streets at the age of 13. In 1993 he conceived and was the lead MC for Senegal's legendary Slam Revolution. Rapping primarily in Wolof, Shiffai (which means "The Remedy" in Wolof) and his crew rapped about politics, corruption, life in the African ghetto, and other issues of injustice. Shiffai has never been afraid to confront the truth in his rhymes whether in Wolof or English. "Music is something that I have been put on this Earth to do. Something that I do to bring about a higher consciousness in my audiences minds." In 2000 Shiffai went from rocking the crowds in Dakar to honing his skills in the US where he has been working on his debut album "The Chosen One". Creating a flow based in his Wolof rhyming style Shiffai has carved a sound that successfully fuses both English, street slang and Wolof to create a Senegalese-style patois never heard before. With a flow unrivaled in a business dominated by thugged out clones and hip-hop fakers, Shiffai brings straight from Africa, the true spirit and embodiment of hip hop.

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