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    posted: 13 years ago

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      posted: 12 years ago by annielovesdan

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      The show was fantastic on Friday night.  I hope last night at Passim had just as much magic and energy!  It was wonderful having the entire album played in Set One, enhanced by special guests Jennifer Kimball and Josh Cantor.  Sets Two and Three had all the JBE favorites, and I can't say how happy I was that Jennifer got up again to sing on "The Jumblies."  Classic!  Thanks for doing "He Said, She Said" too (even if it was tough to remember the rap part!).  All the favorites were covered (She's Dead, Ballad of Barry Allen, Charlie and Zooey, Stress, Feelin' Groovy, etc.) and the trio did another special a cappella of "Los Angeles," with Dan's brushes finding rhythm not only a nearby couple's table top but also on their bread basket and beer bottle.  Fantastic!
      Jim tried to get serious for a minute about 9/11 (drowned out a bit by an enthusiastic, but inebriated, fan), and it transported me to the prior discussion list, sparked that morning by Jim's anguished "Oh my God, they nuked my hometown!" and how all these online JBE fans, strangers in real life, were comforting each other and trying to help each other understand.  It was great how quickly JBE took action while everyone else was still dazed, setting up that somber, beautiful concert on 9/14/01 in Somerville where they already had a new song written about the event and donated all the show's proceeds to the NYFD.  JBE brought that all back for a second...And then had us in hysterics again two minutes later, as they just can't help being funny as hell.  My giggle of the night went to "HMILF: Hockey Moms."