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NEW PROJECT: Jim is writing a Novel

Cover of The Wakeful Wanderer039s Guide to New New England and Beyond

this may not be the final cover, but I like it.

The band and I have taken a break from touring and making music (not forever, just for now), and I have found that my creative energy has turned towards writing a novel.

It all started when I was coming home from a gig in NYC several years ago. We had played the Living Room and Dan and Jesse headed home in the van. Josh and I stayed on in New York to catch up with friends, and headed back together on the mega bus a couple of days later.

I was staring out the window of the bus, and when you are high up like that and can look down on the cars and are not driving you can see right into the cars below, and what I saw really effected me. Most of the drivers were texting.

I wondered what it meant that sharing a little bit of information was worth risking their lives, and I started thinking about where that impulse would go. I imagined a world decades from now where that technology was built into our brains, and people stayed connected all the time, and started writing a few paragraphs on my phone.

The main character is named Marto, and he lives in a community near the Tappan Zee Bridge in what used to be Tarrytown - near where I found myself staring out the window at these cars. It actually starts in a renamed mansion in which JBE performed a New Years Eve gig back in 1999.

Short story long, I've been working on this thing in my head for 5 years and have finally decided to write it down. And you can support it, and follow along as I write.

Subscribe to the process at patreon.com/jiminfantino for just $1/mo and get new chapters as I write them. I would be very grateful if you can leave your impressions, questions, and feedback in your comments in the space below the chapters. When writing, it's common to assume some things are obvious when they may not be, and as an egomaniac, knowing my approach and past work, I value your contributions.

The latest version of the first chapter is here for you to check out as well: instafreebie.com/free/

I thank you and look forward to your perspective. I hope you enjoy the book! Wish me luck!

- Jim