JIM'S BIG EGO: unpop for the unpopulous!

JBE Live in MA this Weekend!

Hey Egomaniacs!

Quick reminder that JBE's playing Kiva House in Billerica, MA this Saturday:

Saturday June 3rd at 8pm
Doors at 7:30pm
“Kiva House Concerts”
Billerica, MA (on Burlington line)
Donation to JBE: $20
Reservations required!
E-mail: info@kivahouseconcerts.com

Also, for those who can't make the show, here are a few fun YouTube links to watch

- A "synthonic" version of Stress

- The Jimquisition (watch at your own peril)

-  Karaoke of The Ballad of Barry Allen by 2 FAST 2 SPRIGGSIOUS!