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In My Cult

from: Stay
In my cult
We wear a simple weave
In my cult
There's nothing to believe
In my cult
Our clothes do not have sleeves
You may think that we're naïve
But there's a lot of joie de vivre
In my cult

And we all tell little lies
In my cult
We wear a similar disguise
In my cult
And no one ever dies
If they do, they soon arise
Our leader loves big thighs

In my cult
We wear the holy socks
We don't believe in clocks
Bill Mumy often mocks my cult
Along with Ronny Cox and other sci-fi actors turned musicians

In my cult
We drink and eat our god
In my cult
We protect the sacred sod
In my cult
We're from the Land of Nod
We don't wish for what you've got
We knew the truth but we forgot
In my cult

And the lambs just won't lie down
In my cult
The truth is written on a crown
In my cult
It's buried underground
And it will not be found
Until the comet comes around

In my cult
We dance a furtive dance
We're giving fleas a chance
Our statues do not glance
In my cult
Look away, look away
Until you reach the 18th hole of disillusionment at last

In my cult
We await the giant flying head
In my cult
We sleep in one big bed
In my cult
We program for the web
Our names all start with Zed
We're watching Shaun of the Dead
In my cult

And our leader is charismatic
In my cult
And the Kool-Aid is magical
In my cult
Of course the ending is tragic
We're becoming more pelagic
We're interpreting the static
In my cult

And I want you all to join
Can you feel it in your loins
Send all your golden coins
To my cult
Only then you will be free enough to witness the ongoing apocalypse


lyrics and music by Jim's Big Ego
(cc) Jim's Big Ego. Some rights reserved.

updated: 11 years ago