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"It hasn't been at all easy," admits Jim's Big Ego songwriter Jim Infantino.  "When you think about it, love is one of the most complex and mysterious compelling forces we know as humans.  We don't even know what it is that makes us love each other.  Is it evolutionary impulses to perpetuate the species?  Chemical responses in our brain to the subtle environmental influences of another person?  Or is it just 'cause we're really horny?  These are the sorts of questions that we thought an audience might enjoy hearing a song about.  Really, we're surprised that nobody's ever thought of this before."

The song, which has been through a number of name changes but is currently titled "Love Love Ya Baby, Oooh Oooh, Love......Love", marks a strong shift in focus for Jim's Big Ego, and indeed for pop music in general.  As Infantino explains "up until now we, like everybody else, have pretty much focused our song writing talents to explain our opinions on global economics.  You might remember our big hit from a couple of years ago 'Don't Let Russia in the G7 (Don't Do It).'  We got a lot of legs with that song.  Of course, then they let Russia in and they made the G7 the G8 and it pretty much became dated from that point on.  That's why we think we'll have better luck focusing on love.  I mean, once somebody says 'I love you' that's forever, right?  That's the kind of permanence we'd like to get across."

Of course, there are some people who say "I love you" and don't really mean it, but Jim's Big Ego figures they can all go *censored* off and listen to other bands.  'Cause let me tell you, when Jim's Big Ego says "I love you" they mean it, man.  That's like, forever to them.  It's trying to explain that they've formed a very close, almost spiritual bond, and they want to be with that other person forever.  For-ever!  And none of this "I love you, but I'm not in love with you" crap, either.  No, we're talking about LOVE here, baby, the kind of love that maybe you never got from daddy, but the kind of love that Jim's Big Ego deserves.  And the kind of love we thought we had.

We think you'll understand better when you hear the song.  Jim's Big Ego will be performing their new love song soon under a window near you.

Mister R.G., Minster of Propoganda, BigEgo Enterprises, Santa Glarus, CA