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Jim's Big Ego back in Studio after long hiatus.

I'm watching "Enterprise" - what a goofy show. Man. I love it. I'm trying not to think about going into the studio tomorrow. I mean it's exciting and everything, but it's also kind of scary. It's like being confronted by a really really big blank sheet of paper. Crap. I've seen this one before. What the frig is up with T'Pal's lips?

We've waited 3 years before starting this new cd. 3 years. We've never waited that long. We have way too many songs, we have lots of good ideas, now we just have to jam out some art. And be awesome. A dog? A dog in space? Doesn't seem sanitary.

We record in south boston. With a guy named Ducky. Ducky rules. He makes it easy. Once we get the sounds right, it's like playing in a living room. With lots of microphones and gear and stuff.

Is this the same T'Pal that does the marriage ceremony with Spock in the original Star Trek? Or was that T'Pau?
We are really psyched to lay down Lucky and Everywhere and As*ho*e. We are thinking of doing Cut Off Your Head - maybe Porno Plot. We definitely want to do the napkin poetry medley - "release your anger" - I guess we will have to go with it when we get there. We have at least 24 songs - we will have to pick and choose.

Thank you to everyone who contributed a vote to the poll. It helps to know what sticks in people's heads from our live shows.

But the burning question that keeps haunting me, the thing that I can't get out of my mind is...

Is this a Quantum Leap?

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