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They're Everywhere! Reviewed on BlogSpot's Jolt of Reality

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Theyre Everywhere Reviewed on BlogSpots Jolt of Reality
It came in the mail just the other day, shrink wrapped, and sanitized for my protection. A simple strip of aluminum, sandwiched in transparent non biodegradable polycarbonate. Three miles of tracks burned into six inches of foil, another minor miracle of modern technology.

I slip disc into player and mount the headphones appropriately. I push play, lean back, and close my eyes. There is no hiss or pop, just pure *bleep*ing magic from the instant the first track fires off in my head.

The boys in the band, just another Boston band, immediately go to work in the Monster Garage of my mind. Today they will build a Dues Ex Machina from a Ford Exploder. It will have a cell phone, a megaphone, and surround sound speakers. The fully functional flame job makes my inner smoker a lot less pissed about the lack of a cigarette lighter.

By track two I am a believer, by track four I am a follower, by track seven I'm ready to preach the JBE gospel, and now, at the end of the road, I am ready to drink their flavor of kool-aid. Just bring me the guillotine and a lite libation.

You need to buy this record.

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