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Somewhere Over NYC

from: Strawman
It's five thirty in the morning
and my brother is still sleeping
I am kneeling on the carpet
I am building us a rocket
and when I go to wake him
I will show him through the castle
while the grown-ups are still dreaming
we'll go though the open window
and when daylight comes we'll be over the sea
or somewhere in the stars
and way up there it's my brother and me

He's rubbing at his eyelids
and I know that he's been dreaming
of when people call him silly
or say it's in his imagination
and I say that he's awake now
and I tell him to be quiet
as I take him through the castle
that I made him out of lego
and I say we're going to where people beleive you
even though you're only three
and way up there it's my brother and me

Now it's twenty five years later
and I'm somewhere stuck in traffic
and my radio is busted
and the car is overheating
and out of nowhere I remember
part of me was covered over
how the two of us were zooming
over shadows in the city
and farther away while the traffic is blaring
and farther than I can see
and way up there it's my brother and me