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Democracy in Dakar Part 3

Sunday, February 25, 2007 - Election Day in Senegal, West Africa. Episode 3 takes place on election day and follows the group Sen Kumpe as they head to the voting station in their neighborhood Medina in Dakar to vote.

The episode continues in the immediate aftermath of the election, as people are sensing that Abdoulaye Wade may have won a slim majority in the election and avoided a run-off election.

Sen Kumpa close this episode with their track "Niawal"

Also featured are interviews with Sen Kumpa, Serigne Ndiaye, Matador (Wa BMG 44), Waa Complex Culture, and Leopold Senghor; as well as performances by: Matador, Sen Kumpa, Baat Sen, Waa Complex Culture, and Leopold Senghor.
Many thanks to you all!

Episode # 4 will be up soon!