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Down Here

from: Titanic
Even though high
I am blue
blue as sky
cobalt hue
and if the sun falls
I fall too
to the sea
seeking you

and if extinguished I'd be happier
than alone on fire and free
would you then stay
down here
with me

Even if I
had no eyes
had no body
to decay
the soul of me sinks
like a stone
till the veil is
washed away

Tomorrow morning we'll be strong
we'll be what we need to be
until then stay
down here
with me

Icharus met
with the gods
after falling to the deep
also did my
ship of fools have it's promises to keep

and will another lifeboat
come to carry you back
to Titan's home to stay
down here
with me

stay stay stay stay

(another chorus)
Someone said the world will end
and we'll return to infinity
would you still stay
down here
stay down here
with me