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from: Titanic
I'm sorry, I regress
I regress, I regress
I regress all the way back to when we were plankton and you *bleep*ed me over- remember?
It was like 50 million years ago and in your slimy oozey little way youdid it to me
I don't know how
anyway - that's why I'm here now
to remind you of that
and of everything else since then because
that's Karma baby
and Karma is better than hell
you see with Karma, I don't need to wait for you to die to get you back
you're dead already - millions of times heh heh
and don't go running to your guru, he won't help you
my guru kicked your guru's ass back when your guru was still an invertebrate
remember? ok.
anyway, that's why I'm here
I know it's a little abrupt of me to start in on you like this without anyhow-do-you-dos
or chit chat
but I've just been so excited about this moment
I've been staying awake all night
counting each of the 35 billion ways you're going to
pay me back.